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Fugol Coffee Roasters

Week of Joy! Specialty Arabica Coffee Drip Bag Vol.1

Week of Joy! Specialty Arabica Coffee Drip Bag Vol.1

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Week of Joy is a special release that can make your week extraordinary!!

It helps to boost your mood and recharge your energy everyday.
This package is contains 7 drip bags of 10gr Choosen Specialty Arabica Coffee :
- Ijen Carbonic Maceration for Your Monday Activity
- Palasari Honey for Your Tuesday Activity
- Mayangsari Washed for Your Wednesday Activity
- Solok Sweet Pear for Your Thursday Activity
- Pegasing Red Apple for Your Friday Activity
- Watermelon Smash for Your Saturday Activity
- Kerinci Mandarin Orange for Your Sunday Activity

Best served :
1. 200ml water at 96 derajat celcius
2. Immerce for 3 minutes
3. Coffee is ready to drink and have a good day ^^

Easy to brew and delicious. Get yours now!

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